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Mission Statement of HHAMA

HHAMA was set up in 2005 to mediate Inter-country adoption in accordance with the Irish Adoption Board’s (IAB) regulations and requirements. The agency was established to meet the requirements of the state to state agreement with Vietnam which required Irish adoptions to be mediated by a licensed Irish agency. The agency has operated strictly within the scope and terms of that agreement. It is a not-for-profit body and was licensed by the IAB* and the Vietnamese Government.

*) The IAB has subsequently been re-established as the Adoption Authority of Ireland, (AAI) in accordance with the provisions of compliance with The Hague Convention of 29 May 1993 on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Inter-country Adoption.

We operate in ‘the best interest of the child’. We draw on international best practice and we conform to the Hague Convention 1993. At all times we have sought to operate in accordance with the both the AAI’s & the sending country regulations for providing mediation services. We see our work falling into two remits:

  • Our primary remit is to ensure child centred ethical inter country adoption in our operations.
  • Our secondary remit is to ensure clients receive a quality and efficient service.

We are currently licensed by the Adoption Authority of Ireland to operate Adoption Programs with the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Republic of the Philippines, Republic of India, Haiti and The People’s Republic of China, Poland, Bulgaria, Columbia, Peru, Lithuania, Kenya.

As well as having approval from the AAI it is necessary to be accredited in the donor country. HHAMA are accredited by the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the Republic of India, The Polish central authority, The Bulgarian Ministry of Justice and The People’s Republic of China. We are working on a similar application with South Africa at present.

All enquiries relating can be sent by email to moc.liamg@ama.sdnahgnipleh and we will be happy to update you on the current situation with these country’s programmes.

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