Bulgaria programme
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Bulgaria programme

As with all our adoption programmes, we recommend applicants contact us for an overview of all country programmes as selecting a country is an important decision and by discussing the different programmes with HHAMA applicants can be helped to make a decision which is informed and realistic in terms of completing an adoption.

HHAMA has a partnership with Bulgarian agency. NGO VESTA

BULGARIA has signed and ratified the Hague Convention on Inter-Country Adoptions, 1993 .

Eligibility requirements

  • They shall be eligible to adopt under their national law;
  • They shall not suffer from serious chronic and contagious venereal diseases, tuberculosis, HIV and other life threatening diseases;
  • They shall not be deprived of their parental rights;
  • They shall not be convicted;
  • Both single and married couples can adopt. Couples shall be married when they wish to adopt together.
  • They shall be registered in the Ministry of Justice register of adoptive parents, residing abroad and applying to adopt a Bulgarian child under the conditions of full adoption;

Prospective adoptive parents must be at least 15 years older than the child they apply to adopt. When the child is adopted by a couple at least of the parents shall meet this requirement.

Full details available from HHAMA. Please email or make an appointment to discuss your application.

10th May 2017 update

outlining the time-phased element of the Bulgaria NGO Vesta Charge

Fee schedule Bulgaria programme

HHAMA Irish Fees

The HHAMA Fee applies to the Irish costs for intercountry adoption and is additional to the Sending Country Programme fee.

Details of the HHAMA Irish Fee are currently available on our Fees page

Sending Country Fees

N.B. These are in-country (Bulgaria) costs only.

Bulgaria country charges Amount (€)
NGO VESTA charges. Dossier submission €1,950
Acceptance of referral €1,300
Time of travel €3,250
Subtotal Bulgaria country charges

Dossier for Bulgaria program

Please NOTE applicants should contact HHAMA for all of the details and sample forms to apply to Bulgaria.  Below are listed the documents required by the MOJ in Bulgaria.  You will also need formal HHAMA documentation which we will supply on request and on formal invitation to register for the program.

Documents necessary for the registration at the Ministry of Justice: copies of which are made available to applicants after formal invitation to register.

  • Application to the Minister of Justice Bulgaria
  • Approval to adopt a child
  • PAP’s Parental Rights
  • Home study, the license of the agency or social worker shall be attached
  • Medical certificate (both applicants)
  • Criminal background checks
  • Marriage certificate
  • Power-of-attorney

Following Notary stamping applicants need to present the dossier to the DFA for Apostille of the Notary certification.

Bulgaria requires 4 post-placement reports for a period of two years after the adoption.

The reports shall be completed every six months in a course of two years by a licensed social worker.

The reports should contain information about the physical and mental condition of the child, about his/her adaptation, etc.

The post-placement reports should include photos of the child.

Sending post placement information is a legal requirement of the Ministry of Justice and families are obliged to strictly follow the post placement schedule for sending the reports.