Helping Hands Adoption Agency | CCCWA issues new eligibility criteria for applicants
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CCCWA issues new eligibility criteria for applicants

CCCWA issues new eligibility criteria for applicants

On 30th June 2017 the China Centre for Children’s Welfare and Adoption [CCCWA] issued a revision to the Eligibility criteria for foreigners adopting from China.

It contains a more defined clarity on some criteria around applicant health and financial circumstances and implements an age differential between applicants and child.  The main changes do not, however, relate to Irish applicants as they refer to only adopting one child at a time and having a 1 year gap between adoptions.  It was not possible for Irish applicants to adopt more an one child, unless related siblings, nor was it possible to adopt again within one year.

If you are interested in the China programme do email for clarity on these changes in applicant eligibility and any other information relating to the programme.