China programme
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China programme

As with all our adoption programmes, we recommend applicants contact us for an overview of all country programmes as selecting a country is an important decision and by discussing the different programmes with HHAMA applicants can be helped to make a decision which is informed and realistic in terms of completing an adoption.

The China programme is no longer an option for Irish applicants.  This programme is now closed.

HHAMA 31.1.23

7th January 2019 update to Voluntary nature of the Donation and Reduction of CCCWA registration fee.

Fee schedule China programme

HHAMA Irish Fees

The HHAMA Fee applies to the Irish costs for intercountry adoption and is additional to the Sending Country Programme fee.

Details of the HHAMA Irish Fee are currently available on our Fees page

Sending Country Fees

N.B. These are in-country (China) costs only.

The China Central authority, CCCWA, set the fees for the China programme.

Accommodation, Guides and Internal flights and translations are costed and advised to clients pre travel and are dependent on the number/cost of internal flights and the province where the child lives. This fee is payable, in advance of trave, to the China Travel agency approved by CCCWA and the travel is co-ordinated with the Bridge of Love Adoption Service [BLAS] in China.   All arrangements in China are made by BLAS. Applicants only have to book flights to and from China.

Registration Fee $980 China Centre of Childrens Welfare and Adoption [CCCWA]
Dossier Translation $350 Bridge of Love Adoption Service [BLAS]
Voluntary Donation Y35,000 – approx. $5,000 Payable to the Adoption Department in the province where the child lives. WEF 1.1.2018 this is entirely Voluntary and, if applicants choose to pay it or any donation, it must not be paid until after the formal Adoption Ceremony is complete.
Legal Fees approx $1,000-$1,500 Payable to the Agencies in China directly. These fees are advised to clients pre travel depending on the province where the child lives
Subtotal China approx $7,950

Please contact us for a dossier listing and for a formal invitation to register for this programme as, with all of our programmes, it is important your application and expectations match the realistic profile of the children available from China.

1st September 2017 update

The details to be contained in PPR for China are outlined by the CCCWA as listed below, as announced by CCCWA on 20th April 2017

China Post-Placement Reports Policy

I. Preparation and Submission of the Post-placement Reports.

  1. Adoptive families should submit post – placement reports for the adopted child after the adoption is completed. For adoptions with a notice of Coming to China for Adoption issued after January 1, 2015, the reports should be submitted at the sixth month, first year, second year, third year, fourth year and fifth year after the adoption registration.
  2. The Fourth, fifth and sixth reports to be submitted after January 1, 2015 can be written by the adoptive families themselves
  3. In case of major changes, such as a change of adoptive family, death or deterioration of the health condition or any abuse of the adopted child, the adoption agency and adoptive family should report to CCCWA immediately.  In the case of an adoption dissolution where the child is adopted by another family, following reports should be prepared accordingly.
  4. Post-Placement reports should be submitted to CCCWA through the adoption agency which helped with the adoption process or relevant government departments.  Families adopting twins can submit one report each time; families adopting two or more children at the same time should prepare reports separately for each child.
  5. For relative and stepchild adoptions, at least one report should be submitted.

II. Content and Format of the Post-Placement Reports

Post-Placement report consists of the First Page Table of the Post-Placement Reports, main part of the reports and other documents.

  1. The reports should focus on the bonding process of the adoptee with the adoptive parents, siblings and extensive families, and integration of the adoptee into the adoptive family.
  2. Health conditions and physical development: height, weight, head circumference, motor ability and motor coordination: vaccination Status; treatment of any new diseases and rehabilitation, etc. . . . Families adopting special needs children should elaborate on the medical treatment, rehabilitation and caring of the adoptee after the adoption.
  3. Daily life such as diet, sleep, games, etc.
  4. Mental development such as the child’s intellectual abilities and language skills
  5. Personality development such as the child’s psychological development and personalities
  6. Education; education in the family, Kindergartner and schools and the parenting methods by the adoption parents.
  7. Impressions of the adoptive parents, family members and relatives on the adoption. Matters such as the adoption registration process in China, impression and opinions of the adoption and the work done by the adoption agencies shortly after the adoption process can also be mentioned in the first report
  8. Comments from the community: assimilation into the community, comments from the neighbours on whether the adoption is a success
  9. Major changes in the adoptive family, including marital status of the adoption parents , economic status , living environment and health conditions , etc.
  10. Other matters which are necessary to report by the adoption agency or adoptive family as necessary to report.
  11. Reports written by social workers should include the general assessment on whether the adoption is successful, any suggestions to the adoptive family, and signature of the social worker. Reports written by adoptive parents should include signatures of the adoptive parents and the adoptee if he /she is above ten years old

III) Photos

Each report should enclose no less than eight photos, which should be mainly about the life of the adoptee with the adoptive family with background typical of the receiving state. The photos enclosed with the first report should be taken during the family’s stay in China for the adoption registration process

IV)  Submitting Post-Placement Reports through the CPIS

  1. Adoption agencies should upload the post – placement reports through the CPIS.  The main prt of the report should be in PDF and photos should be in JPG format.
  2. After uploading the reports, adoption agencies need to print out the FIRST PAGE TABLE.
  3. Adoption agencies should send to CCCWA the name list for reports already uploaded to CPIS, First Page Table with a bar code and translation fee voucher.
  4. On receiving the above mentioned items, CCCWA will confirm and the submission through the CPIS is then considered as complete.


First Page Table of the Post-Placement Reports will be downloaded by HHAMA from the website of CCCWA and forwarded to the applicants/social worker completing.  It should be filled out as follows:

  1. Name of the adoption agency: agency through which the adoptive parents submitted their adoption dossiers.
  2. The serial number of the Notice of Coming to China for Adoption: serial number on the up-right corner
  3. Issuing date of the Notice of Coming to China for Adoption: date below the seal of CCCWA
  4. Number of times of the reports: i.e. which report. Check the number in the box
  5. The original name of the adopted child: original name in pinyin
  6. The name of the child after adoption: in capital English letters with no acronym
  7. Date of birth of the adopted child: in the format of YYYY-MM-DD
  8. Health condition at the time of adoption – check in the box of normal or special needs
  9. Date of adoption registration: as shown in the Adoption Certificate
  10. Date of naturalization of the child: in the format of YYYY-YMM-DD
  11. Name of the adoptive father: in capital English letters with no acronym
  12. Name of the adoptive mother: in capital English letters with no acronym
  13. Date of family visits by the social worker : in the format of YYYY-MM-DD
  14. Date of the completion of the report : in the format of YYYY-MM-DD
  15. Whether or not the report and photos can be used for publication by CCCWA. Check yes or no after the opinions of the adoptive parents.