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The HHAMA Fee applies to the Irish costs for intercountry adoption and is additional to the Sending Country Programme fee. The HHAMA Fee, as approved by the Adoption Authority of Ireland with effect from 7th November 2023,  is currently

HHAMA Irish Fees

Charge *0

Charge #1

Pre-Registration Fee.  Payable to avail of the HHAMA compulsory Pre-Registration Applicant Preparation Service.

Registration Fee. Payable on submission of Article 15.



Charge #2 Dossier Fee. Payable on Invitation to submit a dossier to formally  register with a given programme. €4,500
Charge #3 Placement Fee. Payable at time of receipt of referral/ proposed placement  €2,500
Charge #4 Final Fee. Payable prior to adoption completion travel. €2,700
TOTAL HHAMA Fees €10,350 +€500 pre reg fee = €10,850.00

Note: For some country programmes charge 3&4 are levied at the same time as there is a short time between stages of acceptance and travel.

Please check the Country Programme pages for the Sending Country Programme fees.

With effect from 14th May 2019 the following Miscellaneous Fees are introduced, updated 1st November with the change of timing in Stage 3 payment.

Miscellaneous Charges with effect from 14th May 2019

HHAMA Irish Charges

HHAMA Miscellaneous Charges are non-refundable



Pre- Registration Application Fee [updated 7th November 2023]

Payable on submission of HHAMA application form by all prospective applicants to avail of our pre-registration service.

Change of Country Programme Fee – Applicants formally transferring programme.

Payable on submission of second/subsequent dossier following a formal change of country programme and submission of revised Article 15 and complete new dossier.



Homeland Trip Co-Ordination

Payable at time of submitting HHAMA Homeland Tour Request Form