Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

What countries can I adopt from ?

Currently HHAMA is accredited to work with Vietnam, China, USA, India, Bulgaria. Poland and Haiti.  Other countries we are accredited for by the Irish Authorities are Columbia, Kenya, Peru, Lithuania and the Philippines but we have not yet sought accreditation in those countries and so they are not available to applicants at this time. We are also interested in opening a programme with South Africa and will be pursuing accreditation in due course.  Therefore, at the moment Vietnam, China, USA, India, Bulgaria and Poland  are the only country programmes we are actively operating and pending final approval to operate in Haiti.

How much does an adoption cost?

HHAMA have set fees for the Irish operation, please click here to view

How long does an adoption take once we are registered with HHAMA?

The way the waiting lists work is different depending on the program. In many cases, where the programme is based on additional medical needs children then there is not a strict sequential order of matching. Original declaration date is important for those who have registered with us but the other factors such as registration date will apply but, MOST IMPORTANTLY, age, gender and additional needs approval will dictate the sequence of matching.

Should a child who has additional needs become available and the next applicant on the list is not approved for additional needs, or the gender or age do not match, then our social worker will continue down the list to find a match.  You can see then that your number on the list will not determine the sequence of matching unless all else is equal.

How can I be invited to formally register with one of the adoption programmes mediated by HHAMA?

It is HHAMA policy to maintain our waiting lists for Vietnam & China programmes at a realistic number so we can ensure all applicants have a reasonable opportunity to complete adoption within a reasonable length of time.  As you know, fees are payable in intercountry adoption and it is HHAMA policy to only register applicants in proportion to the number of placements expected for any given year.  There are no guarantees, of course, that an adoption can be completed.

Our website does outline our adoption numbers and the numbers currently on our waiting list at any given time and this is measured against the number of children placed.  click here for Status of Adoptions is where the numbers are maintained and updated every month.

The other factor we, in HHAMA, have to work with is that the list of applicants registered have to cover a broad range of additional medical needs, gender and age profile of child so we are in a position to place any child presented to us if at all possible, therefore an applicant may not be invited to register if our waiting list has too many of the same criteria e.g. girl gender under 2.. we have to have a balance of clients to match at any given time.

So the decision to invite to Register for either China or Vietnam programme is unique to each client, an applicant could present today and have an age profile, gender profile and additional need profile we would welcome onto the waiting list immediately or have to wait until we have placed children with those who have the same profile as yourself.

The other programmes HHAMA operate accept applications without formal invitation to register but only after a comprehensive meeting to discuss programme expectations and waiting times.

We continue to welcome applicants for all programmes and welcome applicants to come and discuss their unique application with us as early in the process as is practical.  The choice of country programme is one we hope to help applicants with after our detailed meeting and review of each application on the basis of child’s age, gender specification and additional needs approval.