Haiti Programme
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Haiti Programme

As with all our adoption programmes, we recommend applicants contact us for an overview of all country programmes as selecting a country is an important decision and by discussing the different programmes with HHAMA applicants can be helped to make a decision which is informed and realistic in terms of completing an adoption.

Our Haiti programme is new, since late 2017, and currently we do have clients formally registered and have completed one adoption to date.

HAITI webnotice  2nd December 2019

The Adoption Authority of Ireland has been closely following the current situation in Haiti with regard to the ongoing civil unrest and increasing outbreaks of violence. Following discussions with our colleagues in other Central Authorities and our accredited agency for Haiti, Helping Hands, the Authority has temporarily suspended the Haiti programme, pending the stabilisation of the political situation there.

In the strongest possible terms, we would advise any applicants against travelling to Haiti, under any circumstances, until the situation there has been fully reviewed.

All transitional cases with packs in Haiti will continue to be processed to the best of Helping Hands’ ability, but with due consideration and caution in respect of the safety of persons there. No further applications will be accepted for the Haiti programme for the time being.

This webnotice/site will be updated on the basis of any updates received from Haiti/IBESR.



The programme is open to applicants under the age of 50 and in a stable relationship for 5 years.  The programme is open to single female or heterosexual married or co-habiting couples.  It is necessary to undergo psychological evaluation as part of the dossier preparation.

To indicate your interest in the Haiti programme, please email us at helpinghands.ama@gmail.com  We will add you to our applicant mailing list and send you our Inquiry email with details of the early stages of the adoption process.

Currently under construction please contact HHAMA for information.

Details of the approved fee schedule are contained in the AAI notice.

Full details of dossiers required for each country programme are issued by HHAMA to applicants who have completed the pre-registration phase, are in receipt of an Article 15 approval from the Adoption Authority of Ireland and are then subsequently formally invited to submit a dossier.  It is not advisable to compile documents in advance of that formal invitation as dossier listings, notary and authentication requirements and translation criteria change from time to time.

Currently under construction please contact HHAMA for information.