Helping Hands Fees
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Helping Hands Fees

Helping Hands Fees

ANNOUNCEMENT 14th May 2019

The source of HHAMA funding is client fees.  The services, outlined below, provided by HHAMA to clients now use significant staff and overhead resources.  Funding for these resources must be paid for by clients using the services in question.  Therefore HHAMA is announcing the introduction of Miscellaneous Charges.

These fees are approved by the Adoption Authority of Ireland and those impacted will be contacted immediately by email.


Miscellaneous Charges with effect from 14th May 2019

HHAMA Irish Charges

HHAMA Miscellaneous Charges are non-refundable



Pre- Registration Application Fee

Payable on submission of HHAMA Application Form.  This entitles the prospective applicants to avail of the HHAMA adoption preparation service.  Pre-Registration clients can attend HHAMA information / support meetings Stages 1 and 2, submit documentation for country programme recommendation in advance of Article 15 submission and received general ongoing support in their pre-registration phase.

HHAMA open information meetings do also incur a cost of €20 per person based on venue hire and resource availability.




€150 of this fee will be credited against the €650 Registration Fee

Change of Country Programme Fee – Applicants formally transferring programme.

Payable on submission of second/subsequent dossier following a formal change of country programme and submission of revised Article 15 and complete new dossier.



Homeland Trip Co-Ordination

Payable at time of submitting HHAMA Homeland Tour Request Form