Vietnam programme
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Vietnam programme

As with all our adoption programmes, we recommend applicants contact us for an overview of all country programmes as selecting a country is an important decision and by discussing the different programmes with HHAMA applicants can be helped to make a decision which is informed and realistic in terms of completing an adoption.

HHAMA has been accredited from the Irish Adoption Authorities (AAI) to mediate an adoption programme from Vietnam.  We are also now  accredited by the Vietnamese Authorities.

Note: Current waiting time for non-additional medical needs category adoption from Vietnam is unknown.  The Vietnam programme is an additional medical needs programme  and it is difficult to predict waiting times as it very much depends on the age of child, gender and additional needs approval of the applicants.

A document listing the Additional Medical Needs categories that apply to the Vietnam List 2 programme would be made available at a meeting with clients to discuss individual capacities in relation to additional medical needs.

To indicate your interest in the Vietnam programme, please email us at  We will add you to our Vietnam mailing list to receive updates on the programme. There is no commitment, other than registering your interest for the programme.

If you would like to discuss the Vietnam adoption programme with us in more detail, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 021 496 6805.

Information on additional needs adoption can be found on the HHAMA Additional Medical Needs Adoption links

14th May 2019 update

Fee schedule VIETNAM programme

HHAMA Irish Fees

The HHAMA Fee applies to the Irish costs for intercountry adoption and is additional to the Sending Country Programme fee.

Details of the HHAMA Irish Fee are currently available on our Fees page

Sending Country Fees

N.B. These are in-country (Vietnamese) costs only.

The Vietnam Programme Fee, payable in US$ to HHAMA is currently $13,462.14 payable in 2 stage payments.

For a full fee schedule with stage payments outlined please request a Vietnam Fee schedule by emailing

Please contact us for a dossier listing and for a formal invitation to register for this program as, with all of our programs, it is important your application and expectations match the realistic profile of the children available from Vietnam.

Irish applicants are required to submit post placement reports every 6 months for 3 years, 6 post placement reports in total.

NOTE.  There is a new format of post placement report required, Post Hague, by the Vietnamese authorities.  All post placements completed now must include this new format form.

Please email for a copy of the form and format guidelines.

Returning to Vietnam to visit orphanages requires pre approval.  If you are interested in travelling to Vietnam we are available to discuss your requirements.  Please contact us on